Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prep Day Craziness

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. As you can probably guess, we've been quite busy in our final run-up to the Oregon Coast trip (which starts tomorrow, by the way). I've also had a bit of a throat bug, so the coughing, fatigue, and general crappiness that goes along with that haven't been helping my spirits much either. Oh well, no choice but to press on...

So today is prep day. We're back in Portland and it's our last chance to get everything in working order before the guests arrive. We have a TON of stuff to do (which is pretty standard for a prep day). Bikes need to get built. The van and trailer need to get washed. Groceries need to get bought. Gift bags need to get stuffed. My face needs to get shaved. You get the idea.

So that's my plan for today. Things should get slightly less stressful once we're on the road to Astoria.

A few highlights from the last few days along the coast:
-Amazing coastal view after amazing coastal view
-Rain, rain, and more rain
-Robert, the hotel manager who knows WAY too much about Blade Runner
-Finally getting to eat some Mexican food
-Ne-tards (don't ask)
-Touring the Rogue Brewery and getting to try some good microbrews

More to come!

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