Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There and back again

I find it interesting that the last time I posted here I was discussing the San Juan Islands, and lo and behold, here I am back in the San Juan Islands!

That isn't to say that I haven't been moving around, because I certainly have. I've been to California for a wine country long weekend trip. I've been to Montana (and Canada!) for a trip in Glacier National Park. I've also driven the van from Montana to the Washington coast. Fun!

OMG it's IDAHO!!!!

The California trip was a breeze and a blast. We met in San Francisco and headed north to Bodega Bay, then inland toward Healdsburg. The changes in scenery were pretty dramatic, from the tight, frenetic pace of downtown SF to the sleepy oyster-shucking villages along the Northern California coast... from the cool, sunny and windy fishing town of Bodega Bay to the majestic trees of the Armstrong Redwood Forest... to the seemingly contradictory pace of life in wine country that is an odd combination of rural leisure and Beverly Hills panache. It was a great departure from the cold weather of the northern trips that we've been running, and a great chance to work with another guide: Justin!

Sadly, the trip was over all too soon and it was time to bid California adieu. :(

More to come in a few. Look forward to some mountains, glaciers, ground squirrels, and BEARS!!!

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